Friday, January 21, 2011

ALS Rears It's Ugly Head

Many of you know already that my dear wife has been diagnosed with the affliction of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). This is a nasty one, my friends, every bit as scary as cancer or the like.

The doctor who made the diagnosis has also asked that we get a second evaluation, which is scheduled for February 10. But, given the serious nature of the disease, we also are scheduling extensive sessions of Homeopathic (natural) medicine. There is no cure or even much aid for ALS with Allopathic (today's generally accepted) medical treatment.

We know the challenges ahead. We have a lot to learn. We no doubt have much more to bear. And, yes, we are scared. But we can also look to the promises of our gracious God and Savior, that he will never leave us or forsake us. And when he calls us home to heaven, we will be eternally happy and perfect.

Sola Deo Gloria!

Monday, January 17, 2011

I Surrender All? Think About It.

I finished listening to an excellent sermon this evening. Listen to it here. The pastor clearly preached repentance and the forgiveness of sins, a message I need constantly. So, having heard this, I went out for a smoke, as I so often do, even in this cold Minnesota winter.

What popped into my mind? The song "I Surrender All." Now a long, long time ago, I can remember singing that song (All to Jesus I surrender, etc.) and feeling all giddy and holy. Tonight I thought, "What a crock of bovine ..." (well, never mind, you get the picture).

To surrender is to give up, turn yourself in, turn over your possessions, etc. But this song claims that "All to Jesus I surrender." Well, I'm not capable of that, and neither are you. We'll get to those reasons below.

Who did the surrendering? Jesus did! The God of all creation humbled himself to the point that He was born as a human, a baby, and a poor one at that. He left His majestic throne in heaven and made himself a lowly man, a poor and despised one. God was subject to his human parents, he suffered rejection by his human family and community. God was hated by the religious leaders of his nation. He was killed by them. Yet He did the surrendering. Jesus willingly subjected himself to the most hated and humiliating punishment known to man. And it was all done for you ... and for me!

Now, how about you and me? If I were to surrender all to Jesus, I'd not have an imperfect thought in my mind. Well, I know myself, and that's impossible. And it's impossible for everyone I know. I can't even pray, or listen to a sermon, or sing a hymn without my mind wandering and thinking of something else. Were I to surrender ALL, that simply could not happen.

According to God's word, all that was done to achieve our redemption was done by Jesus,  God manifest in the flesh. That little word all becomes really, really big. And it doesn't mean "almost all," either. In other words, face the fact that we're all filthy sinners. All we have to do is review our past (and present, for that matter) to know that. We're just not capable of surrendering ourselves to Jesus. That's why He did it for us. And we can lay claim to that surrender in our baptism, in hearing the Word of God, and in receiving his body and blood in the sacrament. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of Christ. Listen to Him, not to yourself.

Now that you've read a post that I'll no doubt have to correct in the future, go back and click on that "here" link above which you read past, and listen to the sermon.

And for more Christ centered, Cross focused sermons, go to

There, I've stepped on some toes. Well, I warned y'all. And I still can't get that darned song out of my head.

Can You Believe It?

Yes, I really did it. Dave now has a blog.

WARNING: The title says it all, and step on some toes, I may; but if you want to know about me, you'll find out by reading. I may even post a picture or two.

Anyhow, this is my beginning.

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